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 Only 1 in 5 schools have the
recommended number of
counselors to students.


Does yours?

Forever Hope Counseling & Educational Services, LLC,
helps schools meet the social, emotional,
and behavioral needs of students so they can
achieve academically and in life. 


We offer…  

•  School-based counseling programs      
•  Professional development for educators      
•  Classroom observation and coaching


...specifically tailored to your school's needs.


What does research say?

School-based counseling improves…
                                                    •  Grades and test scores
                                                    •  Attendance and motivation
                                                    •  Student connection to school
                                                   •  Graduation rate and college enrollment
                                                   •  Learning behaviors such as study skills,
                                                      time usage, coping, and resilience

AND decreases lost instruction time due to
absences, referrals, & suspensions


The American School Counselor Association recommends
a student-to-counselor ratio of 250:1,
yet the national average is 491:1.
Nearly 30% of K-12 schools have no counselors at all.


In Colorado, adding enough counselors to meet
ASCA guidelines decreased dropout rates from
5.5% to 3.5% in 3 years. They found that...

Every $1 invested in counseling services
saves $20 in dropout costs.


Just one counselor added to a high school increased
4 yr college enrollment by 10-percentage-points.
Elementary schools that implement counseling
programs make better adequate yearly progress
(AYP) than those that do not.


For more information or to schedule an
individualized assessment of your school’s
mental health needs, please contact 

Laura Wallace, LMFT-S
Educational Director
(210) 490-9062 / (206) 321-8555 cell
[email protected]