Social Thinking Groups

Our therapists specializing in Autism Spectrum Disorder offer peer groups to help prepare children and teens with skills in effective social interaction . Our social groups help build friendship skills, build a healthy self confidence, reduce anxiety, improve overall social communication, and help develop effective social thinking...we can't wait to meet you! (Group rates are $75 per session for 8 sessions with a licensed professional)

STEP 1: First, we meet with you individually to begin addressing the social struggles you are experiencing during one on one sessions with your assigned therapist.

STEP 2: In therapy, the therapist will learn more about you to help understand the nature of your difficulties.

STEP 3: After addressing and your concerns, your therapist may recommend you for group practice so that you can experience learning in a group setting.

STEP 4: Group sessions begin to build friendships and skills to last a lifetime!

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